To designer Max Poglia, Brazil and Italy aren't simply travel destinations. They're home. Native to southern Brazil and raised with an Italian heritage, Poglia has a unique perspective from which he draws inspiration.  His “ruggedly handsome” products embody old-world traditions and symbolize, as the NYTimes Style Magazine stated, “a throwback to simpler days for the modern man.”

Poglia’s adventure began when he moved from Milan to New York City. With the principle of ethics + aesthetics in mind, he started to explore age-old craftsmanship and ancient materials. When on vacation in the South of Brazil, he was motivated to craft a sort of picnic-themed traveler’s pack to incorporate in his NYC lifestyle.

In 2011, he introduced his first pieces at Buvette, an acclaimed restaurant with locations in New York and Paris. He also designed the restaurant's visual identity in collaboration with Chef/owner Jody Williams.  In 2013, Poglia produced a collection exclusively for BedfordPost, a charming inn with two restaurants owned by Richard Gere.

Recognizing the high demand for his products, he founded Poglia, a lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn that specializes in handcrafting knives, leather bags and loom-woven blankets.

No two Poglia products are the same.  They are designed in New York and handmade in the Poglia workshop in the South of Brazil.

Since then, Poglia has launched a collaborations with Old Joe Japan and MadeWorn.  He's also received praise from various publications internationally, most notably the NYTimes Style Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Conde Nast Traveler and Clutch Magazine Japan.