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Sometimes the most extreme weather can inspire the best adventures. Westerly exists to make being outside in the rain more enjoyable. For those who seek it, they provide the opportunity to explore your surroundings without ever sacrificing a day due to rain. Westerly celebrates the rain - they don’t hide from it.

Through their desire for better days in the rain Westerly has developed a line of products that empower adventure and exploration while keeping you dry. Whether you’re checking the morning surf, venturing through the rain forest or navigating the city streets - Westerly has you covered. 

Every Westerly product is built on a foundation of function and purpose: made for rain. Their end goal is to produce goods that are not only useful, but also beautiful. To ensure longevity in an increasingly disposable world, they believe that there are no substitutes for quality and design.

The rain won’t let up, why should you?