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No. 3 San Francisco, CA

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The western spirit lives large in San Francisco – big ideas, new identities, the magnetic pull that’s drawn gold rushers and tech boomers, John Muir and Harvey Milk. One wonders if there’s some mystic power ar work, maybe a spell cast by clear air and open space. In many ways, SF is a global outpost for dreamers. It’s where Joe DiMaggio played high school ball, where Etta James found her voice, where hundreds of thousands have found new freedom and new opportunity. Writer Rebecca Solnit puts it best: San Francisco is where America comes to reinvent itself.


  • Table of Contents
    1. ESSENTIALS: Hotels picks, annual calendar, city stats and more

    2. BESTS: A curated list of primo coffee, corner bistros, vintage goods, secret beaches, books shops and more

    3. ALMANAC: Timelines, how-to’s, articles, letters, lists, journal entries and other historical hearsay

    4. MAPS: Hand-illustrated maps of the coastline, the best chefs, wine country, urban wildlife, counterculture and vistas

    5. INTERVIEWS: Conversations about street art, the AIDS crisis, God, technology, immigrating and more

    6. ESSAYS: Stories about a rock star, the fog, the tech boom and bust and the end of the Summer of Love
  • Illustrations by Lisa Congdon