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Friends & Family of Nifty Genius,

It goes without saying that the past couple of months have been difficult for us all. I don’t think anyone in the world could deny that, and there are few times in history that statement has been as true as it is now.

This crisis is nothing short of devastating for many, and for some, it has been terminal. We have all seen or heard about someone we know navigating these tough times, whether it be a friend, family, or colleague, while on the flip side, seeing others prosper. We have also been witness to people committing despicable acts, as well as ordinary people devoting themselves to extraordinary acts every day on the front lines. It is times like these that usually allow you to see the true character of those around us. In the spirit of that statement, we here at Nifty Genius have had to make some tough decisions of our own, and we want to be open and honest with all of you, who have given so much to us over the years.

In short, we have decided to focus solely on our business with YOU, our valued community of customers. We will no longer be selling the brand through trusted partners, and will be concentrating 100% of our efforts on our website, where we can offer you the most value. Therefore, starting May 15th, we are reducing our prices indefinitely. In efforts to be as candid as possible, we will be adding the industry standard margin of 60%, which covers our cost of goods, packaging, transportation, pays our amazing employees and their families, and allows us to keep creating and delivering amazing products directly to you.

You may be wondering, why we are telling you this?

The answer is, we believe in the value of transparency, and it is important to us that we continue to foster our relationship built on value, trust, and quality products and services. That is why it is imperative that we are forthcoming about our new direction. You will receive the exact same incredible fabrics, fits, and finishes, but you will now be getting them at an even better price because we truly believe the value belongs to YOU. Financially speaking, we understand things are going to be tighter for you, so we could not blaze forward with the status quo without making some crucial adjustments with our customers in mind. We hope you respect and appreciate our decision, and that you will continue to be apart of our growing community.

You are our friends, our family, and our loved ones. We sincerely appreciate and value your support!


The Family at Nifty Genius