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Sauro Mosti: Father by Day, General Manager by Night



 Fathers Day is right around the corner and Nifty Genius, being a lover of all dads, wanted to thank them for all the hard work they do. They are our role models, super heroes, and biggest fans. Nifty Genius loves dads in all shapes and sizes, old dads, brand new dads, and even dads-to-be. We want the dads in everyone's life to be the best dressed they can be and feel like rock stars! So, we dressed up real dad, Sauro, in Nifty Genius threads for some inspiration and asked him a few questions about life as a dad. His 14 month old son Italo, who is adorable as can be (and incredibly stylish), also joined him for the shoot! During the photoshoot we got to talk to Sauro about his exciting life from being an Italian chef to becoming a general manager, and how his life has changed since he became a dad! Check it out below.

1. How has being a dad changed your style?

My style has not changed too much. Maybe on the weekends I am a bit more casual... but being a GM in the hospitality industry I wear business professional styles to work everyday


2. How’d you start your career in the restaurant industry?

I have worked for the Toscana Restaurant Group since I moved to LA from Italy. It is a family owned company & I really enjoy the work environment, the owners, & their interest in creating authentic Italian dining experience. We have 4 restaurants total & I have opened the later 3.

3. Does your wife have any influence on your wardrobe?

To some extent yes, as she loves to shop & is adding on trend items to my wardrobe seasonally. I do the majority of my shopping when we are traveling in Italy. 


4. What’s the best part of being a dad?

Everything! He is my little dude! It is amazing watching him grow up. He has his own personality but I see a lot of myself & my wife in his mannerisms. Being a dad is the best part of my day.


5. What are you doing for Father’s Day?

We are keeping it casual with brunch & relaxing by the pool. My work weeks are high stress so I look forward to a relaxing family day.


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