A Guide to Eating Your Way Through America's Favorite Pastime

by Erynn Santos on May 11, 2016

baseball, mlb, chili dog, Baseball has been dated back to the late 18th century. Although it is unclear who started baseball, per se, it is known as an American sport rooted in American soil. The New York Knickerbockers were the first team to play under modern rules. The sport gained popularity during the Civil War, when soldiers from all over the U.S. played with each other, creating a more cohesive version of the sport. Thus was the beginning of America's most beloved pastime. Sports-lover or not, Crackerjacks, hotdogs, and the sounds of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" will evoke some sense of nostalgia in most every American. We've created a guide for you to eat your way through America's best stadiums.


1. AT&T Park: San Francisco "Gilroy's Garlic Fries" & "Crazy Crab'z Garlic Sourdough Sandwich"

fries, garlic, san francisco, baseball, mlb

San francisco, giants, mlb, baseball

garlic, sourdough, san francisco, sandwich, giants

Home of the Giants since 2000, AT&T Park may be the most scenic of stadiums. The food is just as alluring. Be sure to try the Crazy Crab'z Garlic sourdough sandwich and Gilroy's Garlic Fries.

2. Fenway Park: Boston "Lobster Roll" & "Flash Fried Shrimp"

lobster roll, fries, food, boston, new england, fenway park


fenway park, baseball, mlb, boston, new england

fried shrimp, fries, fenway, boston, mlb,

Fenway Park is a must see for any baseball lover. It is the oldest stadium in the major league. The New England setting beckons you to try the famous Lobster Rolls and Flash Fried Shrimp. 

3. Camden Yards: Baltimore "The Walk Off" & "The Sweet Chipper"

sandwich, mlb, baseball, footlong


camden yards, baltimore, baseball, mlb

chips, chocolate, mlb, baseball, food, whipped cream, orioles, camden yard,

Built in the early 90's on what was once the rail yard for Baltimore and Ohio Railroad's Camden Station, this stadium is one of the most highly praised. The food does not disappoint. The stadium's menu features many appetizing innovative dishes such as The Walk Off: an Old Bay Roma sausage in a pretzel roll covered in crab dip, and The Sweet Chipper: sweet potato kettle chips, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream and cinnamon sugar. Last but not least, there is beer with bacon. Now who wouldn't want that?

4. Wrigley Field: Chicago "The Caprese Stadium Dog" & "Cubs Nachos"

hot dog, chicago, mlb, baseball, wrigley field, caprese

chicago, cubs, wrigley, mlb, baseball

Nachos, nacho cheese, cubs, baseball, wrigley field, mlb, food

Wrigley Field is the oldest National League ballpark, the second-oldest active major league ballpark after Fenway Park and the only remaining Federal League park. The Cubs celebrated their 100th anniversary in Wrigley in 2014. Stadium food was given a revamp for the celebration. Thus the invention of The Caprese Stadium Dog: all of the summer flavors of a caprese salad on an Italian Caprese Chicken sausage. Then there are the nachos, which in and of itself are a delight, but served in a Cubs helmet. Well that make's a world of difference. 

5. Busch Stadium: St. Louis "The Bavarian-Stuffed Burger" & "St. Louis Bacon BBQ Dog"

burger, macaroni, busch stadium, st.louis, cardinals, mlb, baseball


golden arch, mlb, baseball, st.louis, cardinals

hot dog, cardinals, busch, baseball, stadium food, mlb, st.louis

With a view of the  St. Louis skyline and the city's famous arch, this stadium, built in 2006, is an absolute essential for every baseball fan's bucket list.  Aside from it's breathtaking view, the home of the Cardinal's boasts a quite a few impressive food selections. For a tantalizing experience try The Bavarian-Stuffed Burger: a macaroni and cheese stuffed burger topped with pecan-smoked bacon served on a pretzel bun. And then there is Busch's reinvention of the bacon dog: the St. Louis Bacon BBQ Dog. Bacon, baked beans, pickles, fried onions, mustard, pico de gallo, and St. Louis BBQ sauce...need we say more?

6. Target Field: Minneapolis "Cluck and Moo Bloody Mary" & "College Daze Bloody Mary"

cluck, moo, bloody mary, burger, chicken, twins, minnesota, mlb, baseball

target field, minnesota, baseball, mlb,


pizza, bloody mary, mlb, baseball

Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, this stadium was ranked #1 baseball stadium experience in North America by ESPN's magazine in 2010. For a well-rounded experience, stop by Hrbeck's for a Cluck and Moo Bloody Mary: A bloody mary with a slider and a dry-rubbed wing. Or if you're in the mood for some more carbs try the College Daze Bloody Mary, which features a cold slice of pepperoni pizza beef Stick, pepper jack and cheddar cheese cubes, pepperoncini, olive, celery, a pickle spear and is served with a Bud Light back.

7.Yankees Stadium: New York "Bases Loaded Burger" & "Two-foot Cheesesteak"

new york yankees, new york, baseball, mlb


burger, yankee burger, beer, new york, yankees

cheese, mlb, cheesesteak, philly, baseball, new york, yankees

The home of the New York Yankees sits on a 24-acre site in the Bronx and is the most expensive stadium ever built, with the price tag ringing in at $2.3 billion dollars. Undoubtedly, Yankees fans expect nothing but the best fare. NYY Grill’s Bases Loaded Burger is an 8-ounce patty on a King’s Hawaiian roll topped with cilantro ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, red onions, American cheese and fried mac and cheese. They also offer a two-foot cheesesteak with your choice of cheese, onions, and peppers. 

8. Globe Life Park: Arlington "Wicked Pig" & "The Tanaco"

burger, wicked pig, texas rangers, globe life, arlington, texas

baseball, mlb, texas rangers, arlington texas

sandwich, korean beef, mlb, stadium food, texas rangers, baseball 

 Home of the Texas Rangers, Globe Life Park is nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth in Arlington. The name of the stadium and owners have changed four times in the last 12 years, but the food remains stellar. One of the latest additions to the stadium's menu is the Wicked Pig. This $27 sandwich starts with a sweet Hawaiian roll piled high with pulled pork, thick cut Danish bacon, a split sausage, prosciutto, and thick sliced ham. Coleslaw, barbecue sauce, and pork rinds. The Tanaco is another 24-inch-long item. It is a taco shell filled with one foot of seasoned ground beef and another foot of seasoned chicken. It's topped with lettuce, nacho cheese, pico de gallo, sliced jalapeños and sour cream. Needless to say you won't leave hungry.


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