Men & Jewelry

by Erynn Santos on June 22, 2016

Accessories are crucial to complete any outfit. They highlight the overall aesthetic being portrayed. Jewelry is a favorite accessory amongst many.  However, jewelry for men is laden with taboos and men often are concerned with being ridiculed for their fashionable, yet often misunderstood accessory choices. In the 1600's, men wore jewelry to ascertain a level of status.

Men's fashion in the 18th consisted of the shrinking of pants and the birth of the pocket/chain watch. 

 In the late 19th century, Cecil B. Hartley, author of The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette, advised that "gentlemen" should not wear jewelry for mere ornamentation, but that every piece should serve some purpose. 

This may be the reason why earrings never quite caught on. Aside from the slight run of popularity it had thanks to Johnny Depp in the 80's, rap phenomenon Ice Cube, followed by soccer superstar David Beckham.

In the early 2000s, TIME magazine dubbed the category of men's jewelry's as the recession-proof luxury. More and more men are interested in showcasing their personal style. According to research done utilizing Google Ad words in 2015, there was a 22% increase in online searches for men's jewelry. It would seem that we are at the dawn of a new era: men of all archetype's and backgrounds are purchasing jewelry for themselves as a channel of  fashionable expression. 

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